This One Simple Food Can Improve Heart Health for Diabetics

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Photo credit: bigstock

The benefits of this one food can help you to manage your weight, improve your digestion, lower high blood pressure, and protect you from diabetes. What is this magic food? Pistachios. That’s right, pistachios. This simple, tasty nut has tons of minerals, vitamins, protein, and fats that are super healthy!

These are perhaps the oldest nuts eaten around the world. These nuts are native to Asia, especially in Iraq and Iran. There has been archaeological digs that can date pistachio use and human consumption that goes back as far as 6,000 BC. Pistachios are not being produced in many countries around the world including Australia, China, and the US. The ideal way to buy and consume pistachios is to eat them raw and unsalted, in their most natural form.

Those with Type 2 diabetes could vastly improve their bodies’ response to stress by doing nothing more than eating two servings of pistachios every day. For those adults who have diabetes, eating pistachios lowered the vascular constriction during stress. Even though nuts tend to be high in fat, these are good fats that also come with potassium, antioxidants, and fiber. Nuts, especially pistachios, should be considered an important component of a heart healthy diet. Read also about benefits of walnuts.

A recent study conducted on those with well controlled Type 2 diabetes and no other health problems were told to eat only the meals provided by the researchers for 6 weeks. One group ate a typical heart healthy diet with only 27 percent of their calories coming from fat. The other group ate the same diet but got 20 percent of its calories from 3 ounces of pistachio nuts daily.

Researchers found that the subjects who ate the pistachio diet showed less signs of stress (vascular constriction) than those on the controlled diet without pistachios. This means that after eating pistachios for two weeks, blood vessels remained more open, and relaxed, during stress tests.

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