Smart Pills: Would You Try Them?

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Top ways to give your brain a workout

 1. Learn something new

Following your own natural curiosity can lead to innovation, creativity, and new ideas. Try to learn a new skill at least six times a year.  Take dancing lessons, an art class, or an online class of your choosing. Learning something new stimulates our brain to build new cells.


2.  Play with clay

This might sound a little strange, but playing around with clay has been shown to improve the imagination. You don’t have to go all out making glazed pottery! Just keep some of your kids modeling clay in your desk drawer or your home office, and have some fun squishing it and making new shapes.


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3. Change things up

Doing the same things in the same ways makes your brain get lazy. Force your brain to fire things up by driving a new way to work. Turn off the lights, and try to find your way to your bedroom in the dark. Put on your clothes in a different order.  Try a different recipe for your Friday night lasagna. Anything you do in a different way, no matter how small, forces your brain to work.


4. Look at things in a new light

Our brain is divided into two parts. The left side is for logic and reasoning, and the right side does our creative thinking. Most people switch between the two sides as needed, but why not try using both at the same time? Once a day, take a picture from your photo album or a magazine and turn it on its side or upside down. Our left brain is what assesses the image, but once we turn a picture over, it no longer makes sense to the left side, and the right side must chip in some information so the left side can understand what it is looking at.

Smart pills aren’t exactly what they appear to be, and the long term health effects are not yet known. They might help people to focus for longer periods of time but these really aren’t the best ways to improve intelligence and get ahead in life. Chemical drugs ALWAYS extract a cost, and they are rarely worth it.


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