Some Of The Scariest Ingredients In Cigarettes (You Will Quit For Good After This!)

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of formaldehyde

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2. Formaldehyde

Yeah, that stuff you used in high school to preserve dead animals? You’re smoking it. Formaldehyde is an embalming fluid and is used for dead humans as well as animals and specimens. This chemical is known to cause severe respiratory problems, stomach issues, and various other cancers including skin cancer. Nice.


3. Ammonia

Well, you know what this is, right? It’s what most people use to clean toilets and floors. Your urine is mostly made up of ammonia. It’s also found in dry cleaning products. You are inhaling toilet cleaner! Manufacturers add this to cigarettes to help convert bound nicotine molecules into free nicotine molecules, which cause you to become addicted much more quickly.


4. Acetone

This is most commonly used to remove fingernail polish. It is highly flammable and helps the cig stay lit. You are inhaling this with every puff.


5. Tar

You know that stuff you find on streets and what is used to seal roofs? That is tar and 70 percent of all the tar in a cigarette is left in your lungs where it coats them like a layer of paint. This is the substance that gives smoker’s lungs that nice black color. Tar is one of the major contributors to chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and emphysema.


6. Nicotine

One of the most addictive substances known to man, it is also one of the deadliest. You can actually die from a nicotine overdose and it doesn’t take all that much.

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