Start Taking This One Thing Now To Avoid The Flu This Winter

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If you want to be virtually immune to the cold and flu virus this fall and winter, you need to start making healthy changes right now.  Taking a probiotic supplement after you have the flu is too late to make any difference. It takes about six to eight weeks to strengthen your immune system so start making those changes today!

What else can you do?

  • Find ways to manage your stress levels. Practice meditation, yoga, exercise, or get therapy if you feel that your stress is taking a serious toll on your health.
  • Get plenty of vitamin D. Having optimal levels of vitamin D will help you fight all different types of infections and intruders. A very large study has shown that people with the lowest levels of vitamin D have more frequent bouts with the flu, colds, and other respiratory infections.
  • Limit or avoid refined sugar. Sugar inhibits the immune function.
  • Get plenty of rest. Most people need between 7 to 9 hours of rest each night. When your body is tired, it cannot fight off bacteria and viruses.
  • Get at least some exercise most days. When you are exercising, you are increasing the flow of blood throughout the body. This means that certain components of your immune system also get circulated, which means that your immune system can seek out and find intruders before they get a foot hold in your body.
  • Get your omega-3’s. Although many plants have omega-3’s, these are not fully converted by the body. If you don’t eat three servings of fish each week, take fish oil or krill oil supplement, which is vital for maintaining good health.
  •  Wash your hands, but not to excess. Washing your hands will greatly decrease your chances of spreading a virus to you or to others, but overwashing will remove the skin’s natural protective layer, and this will leave you vulnerable to infection. Also, don’t use antibacterial soaps, which are increasing the amount of super bugs in this world. Regular soap and water kills bacteria just as well.

Stay healthy naturally this coming flu season by consuming plenty of probiotics today.

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