Wired, Stressed Out, and Tired? 15 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Many doctors are stating that more and more often, they see patients come in with stress related ailments or patients that are so stressed out, they can’t even handle learning to meditate or to even try to fit a yoga class into their schedule. Isn’t it ironic that the people who are seeking a means of relief from their stress filled lives are too stressed to make any other choices, other than to look for a quick fix?

This is why there has been a huge boom in the number of stress clinics, yoga centers, day spas, wellness centers, and life coaches. People seem to think that being in a constant state of “crazy busy” is a badge of honor to wear proudly rather than live a more relaxed and balanced life.

Although we can’t avoid all stress, we can learn to manage it better. If you are already doing yoga and/or meditation, but feel that you still need some help, we might have the answer for you.

Keep reading and find out 15 of the best herbs, oils, minerals, and other natural means that you can use to help  reduce stress, as well as help your body deal with it more efficiently.


1. Magnesium

This important mineral reduces muscle tension in the body and is considered to be a powerful relaxing agent. Very few people get enough of this vital mineral, so consuming about 800mg daily can go a long way towards relieving stress and anxiety symptoms. It can also help you get a better night’s sleep. Since magnesium is difficult for the body to absorb orally, another way to absorb this mineral is by putting Epsom salts in your bath water two or three times per week.


2. Ginger

This is one delicious and easy way to help relieve stress and anxiety. Ginger tea is perhaps the best way to get your ginger on. Simply slice a few pieces of fresh, organic ginger root and allow it to steep, covered, for about 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water. Ginger will calm the nerves, relax the digestive system, and clear toxins from the body at the same time. This is truly some sweet relief!


3. Eucalyptus

The active ingredients in eucalyptus play a vital role in relieving tension and stress, according to some studies. You can use this via aromatherapy by adding some essential oil to a room diffuser, or simply placing a few drops on a clean cloth and inhaling its refreshing scent. Or you can make a tea out of the dried leaves. Eucalyptus makes nice massage oil as well when mixed with a good quality carrier oil such as olive oil or sweet almond oil.

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