Step Aside Garlic Salt: We Have 10 Flavor-Filled Salt Recipes

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Adding flavored salts to food is a cheap and easy to turn a boring dish into something new and exciting. If you have been paying premium prices for some flavored salts, you might be surprised at just how easy to make your own flavored salts actually is. Best of all, you know exactly what is in them. No more worries about whether your flavored salt contains MSG or some other chemical additive, such as artificial colors or flavors. Making your own ensures that you are using only the purest, highest quality ingredients.

You have probably been making flavored olive oil or vinegars for your own home use for years, and now you can add flavored salt to your repertoire. These also make terrific gifts, so you might want to start looking for some pretty glass containers with tight fitting lids so you can make extra and give them out to your friends and co-workers. Who would not love to try some flavored salts on their foods? A small 6 pack of flavored salts in a pretty basket beats the heck out of the same old bottle of wine as a hostess gift, doesn’t it?

If you are concerned about what type of salt to use, that is actually just a matter of choice. If you like a bit of dramatic flair, use coarse salt that you can sprinkle on top of the finished dish (this is often referred to as “finishing salt”), otherwise, if you want to incorporate the salt as a part of the recipe, more finely ground salt will work better.

Are you ready? These recipes are so easy, you can probably make a couple in your kitchen this afternoon. Keep reading and find out just how simple it is to make your own flavored salt.


1. Bacon Salt

Let’s get real. Everything is better with bacon, right? So why not bacon salt? You can use this on popcorn, vegetables, potatoes, salads, avocados, you name it!  This will make about 1 cup of salt.


  • ½ Cup of salt
  • 8 Ounces of thin sliced bacon


  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  • Take a piece of parchment paper a bit longer than your baking sheet and crinkle it up so that there will be grooves for the grease to drip onto to. Place the bacon on the paper and cook until crisp, about 30 minutes. It needs to be really crisp, but not burnt!
  • Once cooked, move the bacon to a paper towel to let more grease drain off of it. Blot as needed with another paper towel.
  • When completely cool, tear into pieces and grind up in a coffee grinder or food processor. It should be a slightly chunky powder.
  • Mix the bacon and salt together in a bowl.
  • Transfer to the container of your choice.
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