The Sweetest, Most Natural Face Wash You Will Ever Use

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Many of you use different types of oils to wash your face, even though when you first heard about using oil to wash your face you probably thought it sounded a bit crazy. Using oil to wash oil off your face? But it works, doesn’t it?

Well, the same way that natural oil can clean your face of oils and dirt, so does another natural ingredient, only better. Which ingredient is that? Honey.

Yep. Raw, organic honey is probably the best face wash ever! Sound a bit bizarre? Well, so does using sugar or oil to clean your face, but honey is natural and one of the most effective cleansers around.

Now, for this to work, you must use raw honey. The stuff you buy in that cute little squeezie bear container is not honey. In fact, most of the “honey” you buy at your supermarket isn’t honey at all but rather nothing more than some type of corn syrup with artificial color, flavor and a drop of pollen added to it, since that’s all the government makes them add for them to call it honey. Just one drop of pollen in a sea of GM corn syrup. Nice. Read more about everything you wanted to know of raw honey.

Look for raw, organic honey. You should be able to find this at your local health food store, or at a farmers’ market. Be sure your raw honey has not been exposed to heat and that it hasn’t been filtered. If you find a bit of the honeycomb or a dead bee in it, you’ve got the real thing!

Raw honey contains natural anti-bacterial compounds, probiotics, and enzymes that are great for your skin. Using raw honey is especially good for those with acne prone skin as it kills bacteria and oil but doesn’t strip the protective moisture from the skin.

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