Switch to Grass Fed Meat: 5 Reasons Why You Should

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If that isn’t enough to convince you, take a look at our top 5 reasons you should switch over to meat from grass fed animals.


1. Grass fed meat is safer

The Environmental Working Group recently released a report that discovered that, because of the misuse of antibiotics on factory farmed animals, much of the meat for sale in supermarkets and restaurants contain antibiotic resistant bacteria (More commonly known as superbugs) This could be a real threat where antibiotics and other important medicines that are vital for treating seriously ill people could become ineffective. Superbugs cause serious infections that are more and more difficult to treat and can cause serious medical complications.


2. Grass fed animals are greener

Well, not necessarily in color, but to earn the name “grass fed”, animals must eat nothing but grass or grass types of hay from birth until they are brought to market. (Milk from their mothers are allowed, of course) Grass-fed animals mean exactly what the name implies, they eat grasses and leaves; exactly what Mother Nature intended them to eat, not GM grains that make animals so sick that they must be loaded up with antibiotics. Choosing grass fed meat means you are eating natural meat that is free of antibiotics.


3. Grass fed animals are natural

Perhaps the only downside to grass fed meats is the higher cost. Grass fed animals are not pumped full of growth hormones so they mature more naturally, which means more slowly. Since the production time is longer, this natural growth increases the cost of the meat. From an ethical, environmental, and nutritional point of view, however, grass fed animals are worth the wait and worth the cost.

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