The Causes and Cures of MS

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Photo credit: bigstock

Although it’s very difficult to know with any certainty which supplements or in what dosages would be helpful for MS, there are a few natural supplements that seem to help most MS patients. Always check with your doctor before starting any supplement routine to be sure there will be no drug interactions.


1. Vitamin D

Studies show that there appears to be an association between vitamin D levels and the rate of MS relapse. Increased sun exposure might help to protect against the risk of developing this condition. Also, studies show that pregnant women with higher levels of vitamin D are less likely to develop MS in the years after they have children. Natural sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D as some studies show that an increase in foods that contained vitamin D did not improve symptoms. If you live in an area with little sunlight, consider supplements or UV lamps.


2. Curcumin

In laboratory studies, curcumin stopped the progression of MS. Find out other miraculaous benefits of curcumin.


3. Alpha Lipoic Acid

In mouse studies alpha lipoic acid showed to slow the progression of MS and in a human trial it showed a biochemical marker. Taking between 10 to 25mg of R lipoic acid might be helpful.

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  1. BOKinLarksville

    Jan 23, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    Your article was interesting until you pushed a bunch of supplements.. Real food should have been the emphasis, not some snake oil that hasn’t been proven to do anything but lighten your wallet..