The Link Between This One Powerful Spice And Weight Loss

Fresh Turmeric

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Turmeric has been around for at least one thousand years, and it has been used in both Ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for just as long. Turmeric is a relative of ginger and has been used as a healing medicine in the East, as well as being a tasty addition to many food dishes.

If you would like to try a turmeric-enhanced diet, you will need to consume much more than what is typically found in many curry sauces or other food dishes.  Although you can continue to enjoy these food dishes and curry sauces, to see results you will need to start consuming turmeric supplements or fresh turmeric daily. If you are not a fan of the flavor of turmeric, supplements are the best way for you to get your turmeric on!


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You will need to consume between two and three grams of turmeric every day.  The curcumin in turmeric encourages your body to block fat while improving liver function, which not only means better detox ability, but it also can help your body use the nutrients you are consuming, instead of storing them as fat.

How does turmeric block your body’s ability to store fat? First, it inhibits the division of fat cells. When you have few fat cells, you have less body fat overall. Secondly, turmeric suppresses the ability of your body to form new blood vessels so that it cannot form fat tissue because it cannot feed it.

Some people believe that the amount of fat you have is determined when you are born. However, some studies have shown that although you might be born with a predetermined number of fat cells, those cells can divide and grow. Eating turmeric can inhibit the division of fat cells, making it harder for you to gain weight.

In addition to inhibiting the storage of fat and the division of fat cells, turmeric also has numerous other health benefits.

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