The Many Surprising Health Benefits of Basil Tea

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

8. Relieves Stress

Basil is known as an anti-stress agent that helps the body learn to adapt to different types of stress. Basil tea is perhaps one of the best known adaptogen known to man. The Journal of Natural Products published a report in September of 2007 which showed that the compounds in basil stabilized biological activities in stressed out rats. Basil reduces inflammation, soothes the nerves, and lowers blood pressure. Read more about foods that relieve stress.


9. Stops Headaches

Basil is a terrific way to naturally cure headaches. The essential oils in basil- eugenol, cineol, and camphene- have strong analgesic properties that can stop many headaches, especially tension headaches.


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10. Supports Healthy Skin

Basil can help with skin issues with absolutely no side effects. The camphene has a cooling effect on the skin when used externally. Some crushed leaves can stop the itching from insect bites, and provide relief from eczema. Basil juice, because of its antibacterial and antifungal compounds, is extremely effective at treating the symptoms of ringworm and eczema. Washing your face with basil tea can stop most acne and other types of skin infections.

Making basil tea is simple. If you want to make some tea simply for flavor, use 1 teaspoon of basil, 1 cup of boiling water, and allow to steep for one minute.

If you want a cup of tea for health benefits, add 2 teaspoons of basil to one cup of boiling water, and allow to steep for 2 minutes.

To make tea for medicinal or healing purposes, add two teaspoons of basil to one cup of boiling water and allow to gently boil (cover the pot) for no more than 10 minutes. Turn off the flame and allow to cool. Drink warm.

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