The Real Reason You Get Angry When You’re Hungry

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The Impact Of Being Hangry

Depriving yourself of food isn’t healthy, regardless of how hangry you get, and the side effects extend beyond being cranky or irritable. There is actual science behind the emotions you experience when you’re food-deprived. For example, some data suggested that couples were more likely to fight and that those fights were defined by aggressive behavior when they were hungry. So, if you and your significant other are having a tough time, look at how much food you’re eating. Are you on a new diet? Have things changed where you don’t have enough time to nourish yourself properly? These may contribute to strife in the relationship.

So, as you can see, getting steady meals is important in more ways than one. People who are hangry have also reported feeling tired and lacking focus to complete basic tasks, so it goes beyond aggressive behavior.

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