The Real Truth About Herpes

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Facts you may not know about herpes

1. If you can’t see an outbreak you can’t get herpes.

This is not true. Sometimes an outbreak might be mistaken for something else.

2. If you have herpes, you can’t have children.

This is not true. Herpes has nothing to do with reproduction.

3. If you have herpes you are always contagious.

This is not true. You are only contagious when you can actually see the virus on the skin.

4. Using a condom will prevent getting herpes.

While it is not 100 percent reliable, it is worth using a condom to cut down on your chances of getting or spreading herpes.

5. My test showed I didn’t have herpes – am I safe?

No, it can take up to two weeks for it to show up on a test. It also could take a couple of months for the symptoms to show up.


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The main thing to remember about herpes is to be extremely careful. There are many versions of this disease that will leave you with a reminder every time you have an outbreak. Once you get genital herpes you will always have them. Better you are safe and use a condom so you don’t get it rather than have to endure them for the rest of your life.



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