The Surprising Role Of Belly Fat In Your Immune System

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The One Downside of the Omentum…

While the omentum is undoubtedly a beneficial physiological feature, it does appear to have one flaw with regard to cancer cells. The omentum is actually a common place for ovarian and gastrointestinal cancer to spread, and this is because these cells can actually use the omentum’s immunological features against it.

As mentioned above, the “milky spots” of white blood cells trap fluids to analyze them. This includes abdominal fluid, which can become contaminated with cancer cells from other regions in the body. These cells are transported inside the omentum, and instead of attacking them, the omentum misinterprets what they are and protects them instead. Once these cells are trapped inside the omentum, they can multiply and tumors can form.

Scientists are currently studying the omentum to better understand why it reacts to cancer cells the way that it does, so that they help better treat cancer cases which develop in this way.


How much belly fat is too much?

Now, some people may be thinking, “If belly fat helps fight disease, then more must be better, right?”

Nice try. Some belly fat is always going to be there. It is just a natural way that cellulite is allocated in the human body. And while the “milky spots” of the omentum do play a beneficial role in your immune system, it is still a fact that excess belly fat is very unhealthy. One should never trick themselves into thinking that the immune cells found in belly fat somehow negate the health risks caused by excess fat.

Large amounts of belly fat are linked to higher blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and more. The best defense against putting on too much body fat is to eat healthy, and reduce your sugar intake. Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle and aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity a day. Even something like taking a walk every day is enough to put you worlds ahead of someone who is completely sedentary in their day to day life.


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Being healthy is a choice. Choose not to let your belly fat get out of hand. Don’t worry, your omentum will never completely go away. It will always be there to help your immune system do its job.



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