This One Oil Knocks Out Cancer Cells Like Crazy!

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One of the most common cancers, affecting both men and women, is colon cancer. There have been a good number of natural remedies and foods that have been linked to prevention, but there have not been many studies which show that these remedies kill cancer cells.

This is a common theme in the mainstream medical community. They are taught to believe only what the pharmaceutical industry tells them regarding the correct way to treat patients and conduct research. It is a tragedy that science today does not understand, nor does it accept, that our food is our medicine.

Luckily, there is other research, still published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals, that is significant enough to make even the most skeptical doctor sit up and take notice.

The perfect example of this is a recent study which has found an active, anti-cancer component in coconut oil. In fact, this component makes up 50 percent of this amazing oil. What is this amazing cancer killing compound? Lauric acid. In one study, published in the journal Cancer Research and conducted at the University of Adelaide, it was discovered that lauric acid killed more than 90 percent of the colon cancer cells after just two days of treatment. This study was conducted in vitro, but researchers reached the conclusion that lauric acid could also induce cancer cell death in clinical studies as well.

Another study conducted at the United Nations University, involving lab animals, also found that coconut oil protected the body from cancer cells.

Why is it that many in vitro studies never get past this stage and move onto clinical trials? This is because clinical trials are very expensive, making it difficult for those who are not involved in mainstream pharmaceutical research, to find funding. Pharmaceutical companies have little or no interest in funding these types of studies, as they would be able to make astronomical profits with a new drug that they could patent and market. In short, there is no money to be made investigating coconut oil.

The colon cancer killing compound in coconut oil, lauric acid, is also found in breast milk. This medium chain fatty acid has powerful antimicrobial compounds that help to support the immune system as well. Many researchers believe that raw, organic coconut oil is a true super food that can heal many diseases, including cancer.

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  1. Glen

    May 16, 2016 at 11:52 am

    GREAT! coconut oil kills cancer. how much? a pound a day? a quart a day? do i put it in my coffee? do i eat it right outta the jar? same thing with the other compounds you mention. thanks for an incomplete article.

  2. Naga

    May 17, 2016 at 5:21 am

    Never heard of Google? Do your homework and find out for yourself…or maybe you want to be spoon-fed like a baby?
    A highway traffic signpost shows you the direction but not how to reach the destination, do you complain about that?
    Incomplete article?: there are pages and pages of information available if you can be bothered to look. No, some people just prefer to whinge and complain.