The Very Real Health Dangers Of GMOs


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King’s College London School of Medicine recently presented a study regarding what Dr. Michael Antoniou calls “Responsible Technology.” Dr. Antoniou is the lead author of this investigative study, and he warns against using genetic engineering for the development of either animal feed or for crops intended for human consumption.

Although big companies try to tell the world that genetically engineered or modified food is very much the same as the natural breeding process that has been employed by farmers for hundreds of years, it’s just that companies are “speeding up” the process.

The difference between genetic engineering and normal plant breeding is that the tissue culture processes are highly mutagenic and not at all precise. This can lead to unpredictable, and therefore dangerous, mutations in the DNA of plants and their biochemical makeup.

This is why many GE crops have allergenic effects and unexpected toxic effects, but these types of nutritional problems are the least of genetically engineered food’s problems.

Dr. Antoniou explains that any plant that has been created by transgenic means can be very, very dangerous. First off, radiation-induced mutation breeding allows for changes in plants that are frequently unexpected and often unwanted.

When they attempt to create a GE food, they start with a tissue culture from the plant they want, which contains literally hundreds of thousands of cells. Some plants will pick up the genetically modified genes and pass them along to their progeny, while others do not. The culture created is then treated to ensure that the plant eliminates all other cells except for those with GM traits.

This might not sound that dangerous, but the final GE process is to treat the plant’s final cells with hormones to stimulate the GM cells and cause them to reproduce. This changes the entire plant to a new form that can be patented.

If this process continues, imagine what can happen if we remove or eliminate all “natural” seeds and plant life from the earth? This is also being done with animals, in case you haven’t heard — creating pigs that are bigger and salmon that grows twice as fast as normal.

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