The Very Real Health Dangers Of GMOs

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If you are what you eat, then is it any wonder that we see GE foods and their pesticides causing cancer? Could GE foods explain the expanding disease and cancer rates around the world?

“Natural” is perhaps the most misleading word. Far from natural, the transformation through chemical alteration of our wild plants and animals into food is by far the single most dramatic experiment in genetic engineering ever completed. Very few of the species that humans consume today look anything like, nor do they nutritionally resemble, their wild counterparts. This is the results of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of years of selective breeding by humans. However, with GE foods, we have completely remade the genetic makeup of both food crops and animals within a matter of a couple decades!

One former genetic engineer, Dr. John Fagan, has returned $614,000 in grant money to the National Institutes of health, because of his concerns about the ethics and safety.

If both a geneticist and a molecular biologist have serious concerns regarding GE and GMO’s, shouldn’t we as well? Shouldn’t the world be questioning and taking a very hard look at whether or not these kinds of foods and animals should be allowed into the world’s food supply?

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