The Top 5 Best and Worst Diets of 2015

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Top 5 Worst Diets

1. The Dukan Diet

This panel of experts put together by US News put this diet at dead last, giving it terrible ratings in every single category. It was described as being too restrictive and having too many rules, no evidence that it works at all, and being unsafe. One expert on this panel went as far as to describe the Dukan diet as “idiotic.”


2. The Atkins Diet

This super popular low-carb diet, although effective short term, leaves a great deal to be desired as a long term eating plan. Although all the experts agreed that this diet would most likely lead to the most weight loss short term, it got very low marks in every other category, including nutrition, safety, and heart health. This diet is quite restrictive and most people grow bored with it rather quickly.


3. The Body Reset Diet

This is another very popular diet that is touted by several celebrities, but this diet left the experts cold. They gave this diet mediocre scores in all categories with particularly low marks in the areas of easiness to follow and long term weight loss. This panel seemed to feel that this diet was nothing more than a “gimmick” and that no one should consider this to be a means of sustainable eating.


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4. The Macrobiotic Diet

A best-selling diet book that experts discredited as “bunk.” They believed that this plan was an extreme change from the way most Americans are accustomed to eating and that it was terribly strict and difficult to follow. A few of the experts described this diet as a hodge podge of folklore, nonsense, dietary guidance, and mysticism that should appeal to no one.


5. The Supercharged Hormone Diet

This is another diet that received less than stellar marks in all categories. It was marked especially low in the easiness to follow, nutrition, effectiveness against heart disease and diabetes, and long term weight loss categories. These health experts stated emphatically that the basis of this diet was preposterous, that it wouldn’t improve overall eating behavior, and that it would not produce long term weight loss.

Perhaps the best diet of all is really no diet at all. Many people find that when they eliminate fast foods and junk foods, remove as much sugar as possible, and eat a mainly fresh, organic plant based diet with plenty of seeds, nuts, and healthy fats, they lose weight without trying and maintain that weight easily and naturally.


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