Top Reasons to Go Off Your Diet Today!

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Lately, it seems as if being overweight is just the most terrible thing you could be (other than a mass murderer). It’s humiliating when you are overweight and everyone treats you differently, says things they would never say to someone who was at a normal weight, and shames you as if you were walking around naked. It’s depressing to be treated this way and it doesn’t appear that society is going to change anytime soon. Although the public says they are tolerant of persons of all sizes, let’s be honest, do you think that’s true? If you are overweight, you know it’s not.

Unfortunately for some of us, losing weight is extremely difficult. Short of a near starvation diet and endless hours of exercise, losing 5 pounds takes months and putting on 5 pounds takes a couple of days. There are many factors involved in why it is so difficult for some people to lose weight including genetics. Lifestyle, diet, attitude, emotional health, and society itself, especially the family unit, all contribute their part to this problem.

If you are one of those who has a hard time losing weight this article is not here to tell you all the health risks that go along with being overweight, as you already know and have probably heard it from dozens of people. This article is also not going to tell you that you simply need more will power (because that’s a joke) nor is it here to sell you on the latest diet book, fad, or supplement.

This article is here to tell you that you need to stop all that self-loathing, ugly self-talk (you know, the “OMG I’m so disgusting” thoughts you have at night) and self-pitying. You are fine the way you are. You are who you are and what you are. There was a time when women with hips and legs were desirable (think Marilyn Monroe) but this little boy look with  no-hips, no-legs, big implants fashion is simply that…fashion. Fashions come and go, friends.

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