Top Reasons to Go Off Your Diet Today!

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You can learn to stop hating yourself and begin to be happy with yourself without dieting, without starving, without spending countless hours on that Stairmaster. First, let’s take a look at the top reasons you should stop dieting right now!

1.  Think about it, if dieting were a solution to a problem then you would only have to diet once in your life. How often does that happen?

2.  Dieting makes most people grumpy, tired, and unhappy. Life is too short to feel that way every day! Find out 14 things to get rid of if you want to be happy.

3. Most diets only turn people with no binge eating habits into habitual binge eaters, or worse, binge and purge eaters.

4. Dieting is supposed to be a temporary thing, not something you do every day for the rest of your life, no matter what some health guru might tell you. This means that when you go “off” your diet, you will regain that weight.

5.  Diets are boring, and those who are on them tend to be because that’s all they talk about; their diets, their weight loss, the foods they can eat, the foods they can’t, etc, etc, etc. After about 10 minutes it’s major YAWN time.

6. Dieting makes you a drag. Is there anything more annoying than going to a dinner party and watching someone continually say NO to everything? It makes you wonder why they came!

7. Perpetual diets can make you afraid to eat! You begin to worry about very calorie you put in your mouth and this can led to anorexia or compulsive exercise.

8. Diets don’t always improve your health. Yes, you might lose weight, and that’s not a bad thing, but if you are limiting what you are eating to a couple food groups, you can end up malnutrition. Find out if your acidic diet is ruining your health.

9. Going on a diet will not necessarily make you beautiful, nor will it solve all your problems. Look at all those movie stars. How many of them have no problems?

10. Diets tend to make you reject your current life in favor of a life that might never happen. Think about all those “When I’m thin, I will___” Fill in the blank. What if you never get thin enough to do those things? Do them NOW and enjoy your life, THIS life!

11. Diets take your mind off the things in life that matter and turn your thoughts solely to food.

12.  Perhaps most important of all, diets don’t allow you to love and accept yourself the way you are. You are beautiful and perfect exactly as you are, even if you don’t look like a magazine model. Who does?  (Other than a handful of models, of course!)

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