The Top 6 Ways That Red Clover Balances Hormones

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There is no question that women have a lot to deal with whenever hormones are involved. Once you know everything about hormones you will be able to see the exciting breakthroughs in new items that can help deal with your hormones without medical assistance.


What are hormones?

Hormones are located in the body and are part of the endocrine glands. They handle everything from your reproductive system to determining when you are hungry. Besides the functions they oversee, they also are in charge of what type of emotions you are feeling. There are many different kinds of hormones and each has a specific job to do.

Some of the hormones deal with functions that are primarily limited to women and have to do with the symptoms and side effects of being menopausal. Menopause represents the end of a woman’s reproductive system and comes with everything from anxiety and mood swings to hot flashes and unexplained night sweats.

While many women feel as though going through menopause is like going through a torture chamber, some women are able to get through it without any symptoms at all. However, more women than not end up with extra weight on their body, low energy, horrible mood swings, plus problems with depression, sleeping, and anxiety.

Red clover has been around since the ancient Celts found out that it was able to help out with hormonal issues. The people during this time thought of it as a sacred, even magical, herb. But after many years and much research, this magical herb was found to have isoflavones, which are plant compounds that balance hormones.

They attach to the receptors in the estrogen levels and mimic the effects of the estrogen. With the isoflavones being apoptogenic, it was discovered that they are able to sense exactly what the body needs, and they make their response based on that information. When the hormone levels drop, isoflavones step in. If the levels of the estrogen are too high, they make sure to block any stronger forms of estrogen. It has been determined by medical professionals that red clover is so strong it could possibly replace the current hormone replacement therapy available through pharmaceutical channels.

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