The Top Benefits of Drinking Barley Water and How to Make It

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Photo credit: bigstock

Have you heard about barley water? It’s possible that you have heard people at the gym talking about it or you might have seen some stories online. Many people are discovering this super healthy drink that you can make yourself very easily right at home. One of the best things about barely water is that you can literally drink it all day long, if you like; there is no minimum or maximum amount.

OK, so are you thinking barley=beer? Don’t worry, lots of people think that. But barley water is not beer. It’s been around for hundreds of years but unless we make it into beer, most of us just kinda push barley to the side. Barley water is very popular in other countries and once you start drinking it, you are going to wonder why you waited so long to try it.

Check out the top 10 health benefits you can get from drinking barley water.


1.  Great for Your Skin

Barley water can literally make your skin glow! Barley contains selenium, which preserves the skin’s elasticity and protects it from the damage free radicals cause, which can make your skin look old before its time. Barley water also flushes toxin from the body, so all you are left with is wrinkle free, beautiful skin that glows from the inside out! Find out more how to nourish your skin.


2. Stops Urinary Tract Infections

Barley water is great at stopping those annoying UTI’s. It increases urination, so it flushes out toxins and bacteria in the body. Simply boil a tablespoon of barley seeds in four cups of water and leave it to boil until you have about 2 cups of liquid left. Allow to cool, and then drink. Repeat until that nasty infection is history.


3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Since barley is high in fiber, it lowers cholesterol levels naturally while protecting you from colon cancer. Some say it even helps stop the formation of gallstones for women.


4. Prevents Yeast Infections

Barley water can prevent both morning sickness and yeast infections. It can even regulate blood sugar levels so you can avoid gestational diabetes. Barley water is super helpful during pregnancy as it prevents constipation, hemorrhoids, and edema, all problems common for pregnant women.


5. Supports the Immune System

Barley water contains high levels of iron, vitamin C, copper, and manganese, which helps to enhance and improve the immune system.

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  1. Kunwar Singh

    Jan 23, 2015 at 7:27 am

    The above article on Barley Water is very knowledgeable piece of information. Since I have personal liking for barley grains due to its numerous health benefits, I have always suggested it to my patients to enjoy it’s health benefits. Barley water is the best home remedy for all types of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It helps in flushing out urine with ease. Barley water is very cooling during hot summer. It should be taken moderately in extreme cold climates. Adding Cinnamon, Ginger, Mint Leaves and Holy Basil Leaves while boiling barley grains will make the drink tasty and effective. Add jaggery or honey for sweetness but avoid adding sugar. Take care and best of health!