Top 7 Herbs that Kick Yeast Infections Quickly

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Photo credit: bigstock

For most women, there is no need to explain what a yeast infection is. Before most women are old enough to drink, we’ve already had at least one type of yeast overload and, for some of us, even more than one. Yuck. For those of you who haven’t been there yet, and for men are blissfully unaware, yeast is a microorganism that lives in everyone’s body. Most of the time, you will completely unaware of its existence as your good bacteria usually keeps its population down to a quiet roar.

However, all it takes is one dose of antibiotics and that divine roommate situation is out the window. Yeast takes over and decides that your body is actually their home. Some people are unaware that yeast is taking over until they start getting sugar cravings they don’t usually get. Should you make the mistake and give in to these cravings, a harmful type of yeast, technically called Candida albicans, will grow out of control.

Once yeast is out and about it can cause irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain, horrifying gas episodes, sugar cravings, joint pain, irritability, and much more. Adding some of these herbs to your daily diet will help keep this type of yeast under control.


1. Pau D’Arco

No, it’s not a new designer clothing label; it’s a very powerful herb that is perfect for those dealing with a compromised immune system. Typically ingested in a tea, this herb can also be taken as supplement. Drinking about two cups of pau d’arco tea each day will help stop yeast and fungal infections dead in their tracks.


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2. Oregano

This is an herb everyone knows! You can use your normal dried herb or use oregano oil to help fight the overgrowth of yeast. Oregano has a compound called phenols, which is known to stop fungus and Candida overgrowths, as well as stop bacterial infections. Oregano also has lots of antioxidants, which help to improve your immune system and fight off infections at the same time. How great is that? Using that dried oregano to cook with is always a great idea but if you are fighting a yeast problem use some oregano oil every day as well.

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