Top 7 Herbs that Kick Yeast Infections Quickly

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

3. Garlic

Oregano and garlic; does anyone else feel like spaghetti is in the plans for dinner tonight? Garlic is strong smelling perhaps because it’s strong medicine. Garlic can be one of your best allies in the fight against yeast infections. Garlic is also a strong antifungal agent and it has antibacterial compounds as well. You can add it to your cooking, swallow a few raw cloves every day or take it as a supplement.


4. Black Walnut

For the purposes of killing yeast, we don’t want to eat the nut itself, but rather, the hull. Inside the hull of the black walnut is a powerful herb full of tannins that kill yeast and parasites. Many antifungal supplements that are sold contain large amounts of these tannins. You will find this supplement at almost every health food store.


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5. Echinacea

Most people think of Echinacea as only a means to improve their immune system but you will want to take it for the same reason. Because this flower does boost your immune system, it will help to fight yeast infections. This beautiful, flowering herb can be taken as a supplement or enjoyed as a tea.

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