The Truly Magical Mushroom

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Mushrooms have a pretty amazing history, and it’s one that is often considered mystical. As a food source, mushrooms can provide potent health benefits, and they also provide support to the environment around them. In fact, this is something completely unique to mushrooms, they don’t remove nutrients from the soil they grow in — they actually supplement it.

Not only can you grow mushrooms for your own consumption, you can also hunt them. Wild mushrooms are some of the most exotic culinary treats in the world, and some of them can be extremely valuable.


Stay Healthy By Eating Mushrooms

Health benefits of eating mushrooms are widely known and verified by science. They include a wide assortment of benefits including prevention of cancer, diabetes, and reduction of cholesterol levels as well as lowering blood pressure. Mushrooms have also been shown to improve your immune response and encourage weight loss.

The health benefits of mushrooms include relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes. It also helps with weight loss and increases the strength of your immune system. Part of the reason mushrooms can improve all of these conditions is because they are loaded with nutrients. You’ll find all sorts of vitamins and minerals on top of essential antioxidants and proteins. Mushrooms are truly incredible when you examine them at a micronutrient level, and those micronutrients are part of the reason you can find so many ways to benefit from the consumption of mushrooms.

Perhaps some of the most interesting health benefits found in mushrooms are their ability to prevent cancer. Studies have shown that mushrooms are especially effective in targeting cancers that attack the breasts and prostate. These results seem to be closely tied to the mushroom’s inherent enzymes that inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Recent scientific studies have shown that when applied to cancer cells, the growth of those cells stops just by coming in contact with spores or related material from mushrooms. The implications for fighting cancer, just by using mushrooms, are huge.

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Mushrooms also target and prevent the effects of diabetes. They’re a great option for diabetics as well because they are low in carbohydrates and have a lot of protein. The antioxidants found in mushrooms are also very effective at reversing diabetes. These antioxidants are also responsible for boosting a person’s immune system and increasing protection by improving on the efficacy of free radicals. When you consider all of these powerful nutrients working together, you shouldn’t be surprised that mushrooms have so many benefits when it comes to your health. They have even been proven to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and keep your heart healthy.

Another important component of mushrooms? They have a natural, organic antibiotic properties that can stop bacterial infections and target fungal infections. This natural antibiotic is very similar to penicillin. Really, the benefits are almost too numerous to list when it comes to the healing and immune power of adding mushrooms to your daily diet.

Speaking of diet, mushrooms are also very effective at helping patients lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight. The reason for this is that mushrooms are high in protein, which is essential for losing weight and keeping it off. In fact, one study took mushrooms and compared them with lean meats, when substituting mushrooms in place of meats during meals, participants lost more weight.

Just a small word of warning: Foraging for wild mushrooms can be dangerous since there are many varieties of mushrooms that are toxic. It can be difficult to distinguish dangerous mushrooms from their edible counterparts. Only forage for mushrooms if you are a professional or adept at identifying the different species. Buy mushrooms from a verified, trusted source as well.

If you opt to consume mushrooms for their health benefits, be sure to inspect mushrooms for their color. You only want the best, healthiest mushrooms for ingestion. Be safe and you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefits of mushrooms in your daily diet.


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As you can see, there are some pretty incredible ways to impact your health in a positive way, just by adding mushrooms to your diet.