The Unbelievable Amount of Mistakes Being Made in the Dallas Ebola Case

Ebola Outbreak

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Why would educated doctors at a major metropolitan hospital give someone antibiotics if they believed this person had a virus since antibiotics don’t work against viruses? They ignored the information he gave them, that he had been in Liberia, then gave him antibiotics that are useless against any virus. These are the same people who are trained in isolation procedures that we are trusting to keep this virus from spreading?

Giving this patient antibiotics, that don’t work against Ebola or any other virus, is a perfect example of why we are dealing with superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. This is also the type of logic modern medicine is using, the abuse of antibiotics, that might just spark another type of global pandemic.

As many as 100 people are now being actively and closely monitored after being in some type of contact with this Ebola patient. Even after Duncan told the nurse at the hospital that he had been to Liberia, this information was dismissed, and they sent Mr. Duncan away with an antibiotic prescription in his hand, and he returned to his apartment, with the ability to infect every single person he had contact with along the way. It’s unknown at this time if Mr. Duncan actually took the antibiotics he was given, but if he did, he soon found out that it did nothing to help his condition, and in the meantime, he contributed to our superbug epidemic.

In 2010 the CDC finally admitted that the misuse and abuse of antibiotics was a huge problem in the US. They launched a huge campaign that was designed to educate the public and health officials, including doctors and hospitals. Apparently this doctor did not get the message.

One of our problems is that drug companies are pushing antibiotics for conditions that won’t benefit from their use, which, obviously, now includes Ebola. The wasteful use of antibiotics has created a world in which fast acting and mutating microbes now have the upper hand.

No matter how you look at it, our first case of Ebola in America has been bungled at every single turn. Trust the authorities to take care of this issue? Not on your life! If you haven’t already done so, a word to the wise; get ready and be prepared!

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