The Unbelievable Benefits of This One Cancer Fighting Oil

Fresh Lemon Thyme Herb

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6.  Improves Menstruation

Women are always interested in finding natural ways to prevent painful menstruation, irregular periods, or the symptoms of menopause, and thyme oil might just be the answer you have been looking for. Thyme oil stimulates the production of estrogen, which can help relieve painful menstruation, fatigue, depression, nausea, and the low blood pressure that sometimes comes with menstruation. Thyme oil can also delay menopause, helping to keep you feeling fertile and happy.


7. Expectorant

When you or your kids get a cold or cough and you need a good expectorant, essential oil from thyme is the perfect remedy. Not only can it help to stop the cold or flu virus from multiplying, it can really clear out the mucus that has built up in the sinuses and chest. Put some thyme essential oil in boiling water and breathe in the steam for relief in minutes.


8. Insect Repellant

Thyme oil can keep bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, and biting flies away from you and your family just as well as any chemical spray. Add 10 to 15 drops into two cups of water and put in a spray bottle. Use as needed before you head out hiking and stop those bug from taking a bite out of you! Read about other natural insect repellants.


9.  Anti-Parasitic

Although Americans would like to think that they could never become infected with parasites, it happens all the time. Think about the amount of imported produce you consume, or the trips you make to foreign countries and you might have an idea of how easy it is to become infected. Thyme essential oil kills intestinal worms, as well as maggots, hook worms, and even ringworm, although ringworm isn’t an actual worm, but a bacterial infection.

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