The Unbelievable Benefits of This One Cancer Fighting Oil

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You might have seen numerous claims from certain types of oils that state that they can do everything from cure baldness to cure cancer, but with little evidence to back up those claims, it’s just a lot of hoopla.

There is another type of oil, made from a common herb, which is incredibly potent, yet incredibly effective and works well in numerous systems of the body. This herb contains some of the strongest antioxidants around and has been shown in studies to kill 98 percent of breast cancer cells.

Thyme oil has been used for thousands of years in Mediterranean countries and is common as well in Ayurvedic medicine. Thyme oil was used in ancient Egypt during the embalming process and the Romans were found of using thyme to add some flavor to their alcoholic drinks. Even Hippocrates noted that thyme was a terrific medicine because it could be used to treat respiratory diseases and other health problems.

Thyme is a perennial herb and is related to the mint family. Thyme is used in cooking, mouthwashes, potpourri, and aroma therapy. Thyme’s medicinal compounds are found in its essential oils that are extracted from the flowers and leaves.

Thyme oil has so many health benefits, it’s difficult to know where to start, but below you will find a list of the top 15 best medicinal uses for thyme oil.


1.  Effective Acne Killer

In one study, performed by the scientists at Leeds Metropolitan University in England, it was found that thyme oil worked better than most acne prescription creams. Researchers tested the effects of marigold, myrrh, and thyme tinctures on the most common type of bacteria that causes acne, propionibacterium. Although all three tinctures kill the bacterium within 5 minutes, thyme was head and shoulders above the other two at killing the bacterium more effectively, about half a million or so per teaspoon of thyme. Thyme was also found to have a greater antibacterial effect than the typical concentrations of benzoyl peroxide.


2.  Fights Rheumatism

Thyme oil is an excellent anti-rheumatic. There are two main factors behind rheumatism; gout and/or arthritis. Gout is caused by increasing concentrations of toxins in the body, especially uric acid in the blood. Arthritis is caused by inflammation and improper or obstructed blood circulation. Thyme oil is perfect for taking care of both of these issues. Thyme oil is a natural diuretic, which means that it can help remove toxins from the body via increased urination. Thyme is also a natural stimulant, so it helps to improve blood circulation in the body. In this way, thyme can help stop conditions such as gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.


3. Reduces Blood Pressure

A study, conducted by the researchers at the University of Belgrade in Serbia, found that one extract from wild thyme (thymus serpyllum L.) was shown to reduce blood pressure in experiments done with rats. This study was published in the journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition. These results show that extract from this variety of thyme might be able to protect humans from hypertension. (Note that other varieties of thyme can increase blood pressure, so always consult your doctor or herbalist before consuming thyme or thyme oil)


4. Health Tonic

The essential oil from thyme is a terrific tonic that helps to keep the heart, digestive system, nervous system, circulatory system, and skin in perfect working order, building them up and improving immunity.


5. Anti-Gas

When gas builds up in the digestive system, it can be painful as well as embarrassing. More than the obvious, however, continued gas, or trapped gas, can steal away the appetite, increase blood pressure, interrupt your sleep, give you headaches, cramps, vomiting, and can even pose a threat to your heart. So although kids might find gas funny, it should be treated in a timely manner. Thyme essential oil is an excellent way to not only expel gas, but prevent gas from forming in the first place.

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6.  Improves Menstruation

Women are always interested in finding natural ways to prevent painful menstruation, irregular periods, or the symptoms of menopause, and thyme oil might just be the answer you have been looking for. Thyme oil stimulates the production of estrogen, which can help relieve painful menstruation, fatigue, depression, nausea, and the low blood pressure that sometimes comes with menstruation. Thyme oil can also delay menopause, helping to keep you feeling fertile and happy.


7. Expectorant

When you or your kids get a cold or cough and you need a good expectorant, essential oil from thyme is the perfect remedy. Not only can it help to stop the cold or flu virus from multiplying, it can really clear out the mucus that has built up in the sinuses and chest. Put some thyme essential oil in boiling water and breathe in the steam for relief in minutes.


8. Insect Repellant

Thyme oil can keep bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, and biting flies away from you and your family just as well as any chemical spray. Add 10 to 15 drops into two cups of water and put in a spray bottle. Use as needed before you head out hiking and stop those bug from taking a bite out of you! Read about other natural insect repellants.


9.  Anti-Parasitic

Although Americans would like to think that they could never become infected with parasites, it happens all the time. Think about the amount of imported produce you consume, or the trips you make to foreign countries and you might have an idea of how easy it is to become infected. Thyme essential oil kills intestinal worms, as well as maggots, hook worms, and even ringworm, although ringworm isn’t an actual worm, but a bacterial infection.

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10. Kills Yeast

Candida is the common cause of many mouth or vaginal yeast infections. Italian researchers working at the University of Turin conducted a study that they published in the journal Planta Medica which showed that thyme essential oil was excellent at killing Candida and other types of yeast infections.


11.  Lessens the Appearance of Scars

If you want to lessen the appearance of scars or stretch marks, you don’t need expensive laser surgery, all you need is some thyme oil. Add a few drops of thyme oil to a carrier oil such as almond oil or coconut oil and rub this mixture into your skin once or twice each day. Watch your scars, acne scars, and other types of skin imperfections slowly fade away.


12.  Diuretic

If you suffer from water retention due to renal malfunction or an accumulation of salts or toxins in the blood, then thyme oil can really benefit you. Thyme is a natural diuretic, so it will gently, yet effectively, remove excess water from the body. This can lead to improved digestion, lower weight, less bloating, and lower blood pressure.


13. Heart Healthy

When you consider that heart problems are the number one killer in America, the importance of thyme oil becomes clear. Thyme oil is very beneficial for the heart. It keeps your arteries functioning properly by relaxing the veins and heart valves, which will reduce blood pressure and the stress on the heart muscle. It also helps to strengthen heart muscles, so no matter what part of the heart you might be concerned with, thyme oil can help!


14. Anti-bacterial

Two major compounds in thyme, caryophyllin and camphene, are what gives this herb its natural anti-bacterial compounds. These compounds inhibit bacterial growth both inside and outside of the body, protecting the organs. This oil is especially helpful in killing bacterial infections such as renal colic, and B-colitis. You can use this oil externally to help skin wounds heal faster or internally to help stop infections in the intestines, urethra, and respiratory systems of the body.


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15. Anti-Cancer

Researchers at the Celal Bayar University in Turkey published a report in the journal Nutrition and Cancer that looked at whether or not thyme could affect cell death in cases of breast cancer. This study concluded that wild thyme did induce cell death and noted that this could become a future way of treating breast cancer patients. It’s interesting to note that, in this study, thyme essential oil killed 98 percent of human breast cancer cells with a concentration of no more than 0.05 percent. Other studies showed that thyme oil was also successful in treating oral cancer and ovarian cancer.

There are several different varieties of thyme, so it’s important to use the variety that will work best for your particular needs. This is why it is important to consult an herbalist or your physician before you consume any herbal products, especially if you are taking prescription medication. Although thyme is a common herb that is often used in cooking and is believed to be safe for almost everyone, it can cause drug interactions. Always consult a professional before you consume any herbal product.