There Is No Doubt – Cannabis Heals! Just Ask These Dogs!

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If you are a regular reader of NaturalOn, then you are already aware of all the ways that cannabis has been proven to heal quite a number of ailments. Apparently, cannabis also heals canines.

Dogs are now also able to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiols, or CBD’s. These cannabis-infused dog treats are being used to treat everything from separation anxiety to epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and even cancer.

There are several companies now making dog treats infused with cannabis, and it’s working miracles for dogs, especially older dogs. There is a wide range of doggie distress that is being successfully treated with these supplements, and dog owners everywhere are raving about them.

Now don’t get confused — your dog isn’t going to sit around all day, raiding your brownie bites and being high. These treats are completely safe and are made from a mixture of cannabinoids from hemp products and cannabis, and they won’t give your pooch a case of the munchies. All animals, humans and dogs included, have an endocannabinoid system in the body. All animals, except insects. A few people have stated that they have even used these “doggie” treats for their pet rabbits with great success.

Since cannabis has been marked as a Schedule 1 Narcotic Drug, research is at least 100 years behind what it should be. Health benefits and information has been dismissed or suppressed by the government, so it’s no wonder that some of the benefits of cannabis are recently being discovered or rediscovered. Cannabis used to be routinely recommended and sold in pharmacies until the 1930’s when it suddenly became “devil weed”.

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Studies have shown that cannabis benefits humans, and although there are no studies regarding canines, thousands of dog owners can’t be wrong. Why is it then that cannabis is still on the Controlled Substances Act? Cannabis needs to be removed from this list so research can start and healing can begin.

By the way, just because these doggie treats are helping dogs, you should be aware that dogs can overdose on pure marijuana. In fact, since medical marijuana started to become legal in a lot of states, the Pet Poison Hotline and the ASPCA report a huge increase in the number of doggie overdoses.

The impact that pot has on dogs varies depending on the size of the dog and how much they consumed. Dogs can also get high from second-hand smoke. Overdose symptoms include things like lower blood pressure levels, loss of balance, incontinence, breathing problems, and abnormal heart rhythms.

So while doggie treats appear to be okay, giving your furry friend your pot stash is not.

If your four-legged friend is suffering from arthritis, cancer, is undergoing chemotherapy, has separation anxiety disorders, or other types of problems, you might want to consider cannabis therapy.


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If it works for people, why wouldn’t it work with your dog? (Or cat?)

Have you tried cannabis-infused doggie treats for your friend?

We would love to hear your experience!