Think You Don’t Need Exercise? 7 Reasons To Rethink That Strategy!

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2.  You Are Getting Slower Everyday

You know that old saying, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste?”  Do you find that you are not as sharp as you once were? That you no longer think outside the box? Is your creativity in the toilet? What are you doing to protect your brain?

Memory, problems solving, and critical thinking are all areas that can be easily compromised. Although it is true that a healthy diet and sleep are important to your brain, they aren’t everything.  Want to know what exercise can do?

The Society for Neuroscience in Brazil found in one study that subjects who were put on a strength training program performed far better on tests regarding memory and learning than those who sat on their butts. In fact, the higher the workload that was placed on the body, the more flexible their brains became. Exercise keeps the neurons and nervous system sharp and on the mark when it comes to transmitting messages. A healthy and strong brain can help to fight off depression, make you feel happier, and make that workout session more enjoyable.

Think about it. While you still can.

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