This Is How Hormones Are Responsible For Your Weight

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3. Irisin

The hormone irisin is actually a relatively recently discovered one. It is produced by the muscles during exercise and is key in the battle of the bulge. This is because irisin turns white fat (the kind we all hate and want to get rid of, the hard to budge kind) into brown fat, which actually burns calories. The easiest way to boost the levels of this hormone in your body is to get your sweat on. A less obvious way is by lowering your body temperature, as research has shown that your body burns far more white fat at lower temperatures due to the effect that the latter has on your metabolic rate. Finally, this hormone can also help reduce insulin resistance so it’s definitely a good all-rounder!


4. Cortisone/cortisol

Cortisone, also known as cortisol, is a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex in response to stress. It’s widely manufactured synthetic versions are used as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy agents so it’s definitely a more well-known one on this list. It’s also used as a steroid in the world of professional sports, but often illegally. This hormone can affect and induce severe weight loss and weight gain. These are often listed as side effects on medications which contain it. This is because cortisone affects the appetite causing a person to eat much more or much less. Obviously, reducing stress in your life will help rein in this fat-storing hormone, but there’s another very common source of the problem: Daily coffee which elevates cortisol dramatically causing your body to hoard fat when you least need to. Another good way to control the production of it in your body is to practise things which make you feel calmer as your body will produce more of it in when under stress. Brisk walks in nature are a good option as is yoga and regular meditation.

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