This One Kitchen Spice Can Help You Lose Weight, Fight Alzheimer’s and More

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6. Kill Intestinal Worms

Although most Americans believe that they could not possibly have intestinal worms, emergency room doctors beg to differ. Many different cultures use cumin to help remove intestinal worms. You can use cumin in your cooking as well as making tea by boiling one tablespoon of cumin powder in 400 ml of water. Boil until the water is reduced to 100 ml. Drink about 40 ml of this drink twice each day to kill intestinal worms and other parasites.


7. Helps to Control Diabetes

Researchers at Mysore University in India wanted to explore the possibility of cumin as an anti-diabetic compound. In the journal Nutrition Research, this study, which was published in 1998, fed diabetic rats a diet that includes 1.25 percent ground cumin over an eight week period. All the rats had a reduction in their blood sugar, as well as in their urine. A review of studies published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition in 2005 confirmed that some spices, cumin among them, were able to help diabetics and their hypoglycemia. Always talk to your doctor before consuming cumin and never stop taking your medication unless your doctor has approved.


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8. Fights Insomnia

There are numerous herbs that can help you fight insomnia, and cumin is one of them. Simply mix a half of one teaspoon of cumin with one mashed banana. Eat this at least three hours before bedtime each night. Alternately, you can also drink some cumin tea about an hour before bedtime.

Using food as medicine is as old as human beings themselves, but these “folk remedies” are often given a smirk and a laugh by the mainstream medical establishment. Try adding curry to your diet for tons of scientifically proven health benefits you can count on!


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