Tips For Preventing Back Pain (Sleep Is On The List, Too!)

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Back pain is one of the most ubiquitous physical ailments in modern life. The majority of people will experience a back injury at least once in their lives. Bad backs cost healthcare systems around the globe billions of dollars each year, and they have significant impacts in other areas of life and society as well. So, what can we do to reduce our risk of back pain and back injuries? Follow the steps outlined in this article to find out.


1. Back injuries caused by lifting

This is probably the most obvious thing that people envision when they think of back pain. Lifting any object the wrong way can potentially lead to injury, so it is important to use proper technique. The heavier the object, the more important this becomes.

The exact form you should follow will vary depending on the object, but a general rule of thumb is to “lift with your legs and not your back.” This means squatting down and driving up with your legs (which are probably stronger than you think) rather than trying to pull something up through brute force using your back.

Using proper form is especially important with exercise, and in particular with weight training. Not following correct form with a barbell squat or deadlift, for example, could lead to a serious injury, so ask a staff member, trainer, or other experienced lifter if you need guidance.

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