Top 20 Dangerous Foods You Absolutely Must Avoid

stick margarine

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19. Stick Margarine

Although long touted as the healthier alternative to butter, this is another falsehood. Stick margarine contains excessive amounts of trans-fats, the ones that cause damage your blood vessels and arteries, not to mention the calories. Most stick margarine has at least 100 calories in one tablespoon!

At one time it was thought that, by avoiding animal fats, margarine was a healthier choice, however, over the years researchers have discovered that natural butter, from organic, grass fed cows of course, is better for your body in the long run rather than subject your body to all the trans-fat, salt, and artificial colors and flavors that margarine has.

Besides tasting great, (nothing like the real thing) butter is a great source of those healthy saturated fats, fat soluble vitamins, and other vitamins. If you are concerned about the calories or salt content, they do sell unsalted butter.

You can also try using whipped butter that is sold in tub containers. Whipped butter has more air, therefore less fat and fewer calories.

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