Top 10 Foods and Spices that Might Save Your Life

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Have you have ever read about the “health benefits” about one type of food, only to find that it gets contradicted the next week by some other group? Take margarine for example. For many years, we were told by “health experts” that butter contained too much fat and that margarine was better for you. Today we know that pure, natural butter is far, far better for our health than chemically created vegetable based margarines that are loaded with the worst kinds of fat – trans-fats.

Perhaps when it comes right down to it, it’s much simpler than we make it. Eat the foods that Mother Nature provided us, not the foods man has created, and go back to the basics. Eat more of the foods that have had a long history of keeping people healthy and fit over the ages. Most of the basic foods and spices that people have been eating for centuries have given us good health and prevented disease, the way nature intended.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 foods and spices that just might end up saving your life, if you were to exchange some of those empty calorie, chemically filled foods for some of these natural alternatives.


1.  Beets

Beets are an old food that people have been eating for untold hundreds of years. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about beets is that they contain a substance that no other food has: boron. Boron will naturally lower your blood pressure and increase your libido at the same time. Beets are loaded with vitamins and minerals, so many, in fact, that adding just a few slices of fresh beets to your morning smoothie or afternoon salad will turn something good for you into something supersonic good for you! Beets are the original brain food and you can eat the root as well as the green tops, which isn’t something that you can say about every food. By the way, the green tops are just as healthy as the root. Read more about beets benefits.

Be careful when buying beets, however, as many beets are now GMO. Check with your local farmers’ market or buy them at an organic health food store to be sure you are eating real beets and not some GM franken-veggie.

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