Top 10 Foods Proven To Fight Inflammation From Arthritis

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3. Broccoli

This vegetable, along with cabbage and brussels sprouts, is in the cruciferous family. They contain sulforaphane, which has been proven to reduce the progression of cartilage damage caused by osteoarthritis. In addition, broccoli is packed with both vitamins C and K as well as calcium.


4. Green tea

This beverage is considered one of the most effective in treating inflammation caused by arthritis. Green tea contains a polyphenol that is called epigallocatechin 3-gallate, or EGCG. It is an active compound that has been found to be 100 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E. It was proven to keep bones and cartilage from getting any worse.


5. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are good for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The fruits, which include oranges, limes, and grapefruits, are brimming with vitamin C which helps to ease inflammation and help to keep the joints healthy. The Framingham Heart Study confirmed that patients who had osteoarthritis were able to keep the condition from progressing by taking a level of vitamin C that started with 152 milligrams a day.

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