Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bentonite Clay (#6 Is Simply Mind Blowing!)

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1. Fights Environmental Toxins

VOC (volatile organic compounds) is a term that describes the wide assortment of toxic chemicals emitted from things like paint, cleaning supplies, permanent markers, building materials, plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, dry cleaning, and literally hundreds of everyday items with which we come into contact every single day. Breathing in the fumes from these chemical compounds is common and simply cannot be avoided entirely — unless you live on a remote mountaintop. Bentonite clay absorbs these VOCs, which can reduce levels of exposure to these carcinogens.


2. Fights Dietary Toxins

Aflatoxin is a mold-like substance that has a tendency to grow in a wide variety of food crops such as peanuts and corn. You might have heard stories on the news lately about people being poisoned by aflatoxin found in peanut butter and cooking oil. Research has shown that even small amounts of this dangerous mold can interfere with our immune system. Aflatoxins can also damage our livers and might even cause liver cancer. Studies done with lab animals have shown that bentonite clay can reduce the risk of damage by consuming aflatoxins.


3. Supports the Immune System

Studies with lab animals have shown that bentonite clay can strengthen the immune system. One study involving chickens found that when they were fed corn that had aflatoxins, their immune systems were dealt a heavy blow, leaving them vulnerable to numerous diseases. The same chickens were then given bentonite clay, and their immune systems immediately responded favorably and the aflatoxins effects were significantly suppressed. Although there needs to be more studies conducted involving humans, initial studies show that this clay can be a simple and effective way to support and protect the immune system.

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