Don’t Buy It – Make Your Own! 8 Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Recipes

Glass With Peanut Butter

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If you have ever read the label on that jar of peanut butter you’ve been buying for years, you probably wondered, what the heck is all that stuff in there? Why does peanut butter need sugar, anyway? So then you moved on to “natural” peanut butters but were kinda turned off by the layer of oil on top every time you opened it.

Not only that, but every time you hear about some peanut butter recall due to a salmonella outbreak, don’t you hate looking at your jar, wondering if it’s safe, and then throwing it out just to be on the safe side? Good money down the drain. (Or in the trash, as the case might be.)

Have you walked down the peanut butter aisle lately? All kinds of flavors have popped up in the past few years including raspberry flavored, cinnamon flavored, and even coconut cream flavored!  But have you also noticed the prices on these?! Wow, nothing like spending 15 bucks on a jar of peanut butter only for your kids to decide they are sick of it half way through the jar!

You don’t have to stop eating peanut butter because it’s too expensive, nor do you have to buy peanut butter with ingredients you don’t want. Make them yourself at home quickly, easily, and for far less than you would pay for those gourmet flavored peanut butters. You aren’t limited to peanuts, either. Once you get the hang of it, try almonds or macadamia nuts for a nice change of pace.

Peanut butter, and in fact all nut butters, are super good for you. They are loaded with important healthy fats, protein, and can even help to prevent diabetes!

We have 8 super easy, delicious recipes to get you started. Oh, and if you are a Nutella fan, we have one recipe that will knock your socks off! Let’s get going!

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