Top 10 Super Energizing Foods

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We’ve all had this happen. It’s 3PM, and you can barely keep your eyes open so you reach for coffee, energy drinks, or a candy bar to get you past this afternoon slump. Sound familiar? Even if you get your Z’s the night before, you can still find yourself completely undone by midafternoon. The type of food, as well as the amount of food, plays a vital role in your energy levels each day. Did you know that when you consume foods that are high in fats and calories, they can leave you feeling sleepy and tired because they take more energy to digest? You need to start making smarter food choices throughout the day so that you can give your body the proper fuel it needs to keep going strong. Check out the top 10 super high energy foods you can eat that will allow you to skip that love affair you have been having with the vending machine:


1. Bee pollen

If you aren’t aware of it, bee pollen has an unbelievable number of health benefits. Besides treating allergies, it has strong anti-inflammatory effects for your lungs and other tissue. It aids in digestion and is a natural immunity booster. Bee pollen is loaded with amino acids, carbs, and B vitamins, so it can improve your stamina and help fight off fatigue.

Bee pollen is usually available right at your local health food store, or check your local farmer’s market. Start by taking just a few granules each day, then gradually increase the amount until you are consuming about 1 teaspoon each day. Simply place it under your tongue and let it melt. If you are allergic to bee stings, there is a good chance you will be allergic to the pollen as well, so always take care and start off small or talk to your doctor. Keep your bee pollen fresh by storing it in your refrigerator.


2. Eggs

Eggs have the highest complete form of protein, more than any other food. An amazing 97 percent of this protein is bio-available, which means your body can use it right away. Eggs have all of the essential amino acids that your body will need to rebuild muscle and provide you with 30 percent of your body’s daily requirements for protein. Eggs are perfect for breakfast, but you can also put them in rice or in a salad, or boil them and eat them as an afternoon snack. Read more facts about eggs.


3. Chia Seeds

In the Mayan language, chia means “strength” and these seeds were staples in their diet, as they knew they provided the body with energy and strength. Ancient cultures also called this the “Native Running Food,” as many long distance runners and warriors carried these seeds with them to provide quick nourishment and energy. Chia seeds are super high in many nutrients including omega-3s, calcium, and those all-important antioxidants. These tiny seeds also absorb toxins and help cleanse the digestive track as they move through your system. Add one or two tablespoons of chia seeds to your daily diet for super energy you can count on.

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