Top 10 Things They Never Taught You about Chlorophyll


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Some things in life are just obvious, so right-in-front-of-our-face simple that we don’t see them or we dismiss them. However, there are some things that, although they don’t seem possible, (such as removing red wine stains with white wine) they really do work.

Chlorophyll is another one of these. It’s so basically simple, too many people just pooh-pooh it but chlorophyll is absolutely amazing. It can benefit the body in numerous ways from cleansing the body of heavy metals and toxins to fighting infection. Chlorophyll is added to numerous supplements because it has so many benefits to the body, how could they not include it?

Of course, there are many different elements that can nourish and protect the body and chlorophyll is one of these. It’s only natural that you would want to protect your body from harm while keeping it healthy at the same time. Plants are very much the same; they strive to be as healthy as possible, taking in everything from the sun and soil so they can protect themselves from harm and be all that they can be. Chlorophyll is the main source of their food and energy and it benefits human beings as well.

Read on and learn about the top 10 things you never learned in high school about how chlorophyll can benefit YOU.


1. Purifies and cleanses the body

Chlorophyll controls, and keeps a perfect balance of calcium in the blood while assisting the liver in removing toxins from the body and from the liver itself. Chlorophyll is known to be good for improving the overall health of intestines, lungs, and reproductive system in women.


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2. Helps diabetics

Chlorophyll can help to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. While it may not lower them, it does help to keep them steady and constant. When blood sugar is maintained at a proper level, many people lose weight and tend to lower their blood pressure as well. Read more about herbal remedies for diabetes.


3. Enhances the immune system

Chlorophyll enhances the body’s bone marrow, which is where immune system cells begin. It increases the red blood cell count in the body, which means more oxygen is carried to cells.

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4. Anti-cancer properties

The journal Carcinogenesis along with Food and Chemical Toxicology published studies that show that chlorophyll can inhibit carcinogens. Another study done at Oregon State University stated that chlorophyll was a strong protective compound against certain types of cancer. This green liquid from nature can protect us from fungi, toxins in our environment (such as air pollution and pesticides in food), and even blocks destructive chemicals called procarcinogens, which damage our DNA.


5. Removes heavy metals

Chlorophyll is perhaps one of the strongest chelates around. It binds and removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Find out 15 ways to help your body fight toxins.


6. Fights yeast infections

Research shows that chlorophyll is very good at fighting candida infections. It is alkaline forming in the body so it can help to balance out the typical high acidic diet many people consume.


7. High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

Liquid chlorophyll has high levels of vitamin E, A, and C, which has been found to reduce inflammation in the body. It is also has strong antioxidant capabilities, which are important for fighting free radical damage to our DNA.

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8. Repairs body tissue

Chlorophyll accelerates the healing of body tissue and the re-growth of cells, which means you can heal faster. Chlorophyll is often used in balms and salves for this purpose. Liquid chlorophyll also has antibacterial properties, so it helps our bodies destroy germs and prevent re-infection.


9. Rich in magnesium

Chlorophyll is super high in magnesium, a vital mineral many of us don’t get enough of in our daily diet. Magnesium is a very alkaline mineral that is important for bone formation, proper functioning of nerves and muscles, as well as our metabolic functions.


10. Stops bad breath

This is like a little added bonus when you start taking chlorophyll regularly. It kills the bacteria in the mouth so it freshens the breath, but it also promotes a healthy stomach and digestive system, where many bad breath odors begin.

You can buy liquid chlorophyll in any health food store and add it to your smoothies or morning juice drink. You can also buy supplements but read the labels carefully as many supplements, believe it or not, have added ingredients such as aspartame or artificial colors added. It’s hard to understand why they would take something healthy like chlorophyll and add all those unnecessary and artificial, not to mention toxic, things to it, but they do, so buyer beware and think green, eat green, and drink green whenever possible!