Top 10 Tips for Living a Longer, Healthier Life

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Everyone hopes to live a long, healthy life, but not everyone is fortunate enough to do so. Some of the general rules are fairly simple: don’t cross the street in front of a truck, don’t do the Macarena on an icy slope, and don’t argue with your mother in law. Other ones you have probably heard all your life but never really paid much attention to them. Still others you may never have heard of before. So if you plan on living long enough to be a problem to your children or even to your grandchildren, keep reading on how you can improve your chances of doing exactly that.


1. Don’t smoke

Yep, this is one you’ve heard before, but if you are still smoking, it really bears repeating. Smoking causes more disease and health issues than perhaps any other factor. We won’t bother going into all the cancers and other health problems it causes, because if you are a smoker, you’ve heard it all before. But think for just one minute, do you really want to spend your “golden years” in a nursing home, holding onto an oxygen bottle and forced to use a wheelchair because of lung cancer or emphysema? Or would you rather enjoy your time on a tropical beach somewhere? The choice is entirely yours.


2. Wear a Seatbelt

This is not necessarily something we think about every time we buckle up, but the facts show that, especially for women under 35, young people are more likely to die in a car accident than from any other cause. So no matter how much exercise you get, no matter how healthy you eat, if you don’t hook up that seat belt, it might all be for nothing.


3. Get Plenty of Sleep

Most Americans are habitually sleep deprived. When you are sleepy, it reduces your concentration and often causes car accidents. A lack of sleep also causes a wide range of health issues including messing with your hormones, and an increase in your risk of developing obesity and diabetes. Most people need between 7 and 9 hours each night. Adjust your schedule and do what you have to, but be sure you get your Z’s.

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