Top 10 Uses For Tea Tree Oil For Both Your Health And Home

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Household Use


1. Toothbrush Cleaner and Disinfectant

There really is no such thing as a “clean’ toothbrush, except for new ones. Every time you use it, bacteria gets stuck deep into the brush and every time you flush the toilet, germs get spewed all over the bathroom, no matter how carefully you try to close the lid or move your toothbrush, those little pathogens really know how to travel! Yes, you could soak your toothbrush daily in mouthwash or vinegar but those methods require you to use a lot of liquid and it takes 12 hours to kill all germs. Put just one drop of tea tree oil on your brush before you put it away and BOOM! Instantly clean!


2. Makes a Better Hand Sanitizer

Forget those over the counter hand sanitizers: Most of them are filled with alcohol or other chemicals. Also, have you heard? Kids are eating this stuff to get high or because they think it’s candy! Other hand sanitizers use a compound called triclosan, which even the FDA is telling manufacturers that they should stop using. This hormone disrupting compound has been linked to reproductive issues, neurotoxicity, and cancer. In fact, health regulators have found absolutely no health benefits from triclosan, only health dangers.

You don’t need any of these things! Simply add two drops of tea tree oil to 4 ounces of your favorite hand lotion. That’s it! Keep a small squeeze bottle in your purse or pocket and you can kill germs without sacrificing soft skin!

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