Top 10 Warning Signs Of Liver Cancer (We Never Imagined #6!)

Human Liver

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The following are the top 10 signs of liver cancer. If you see a doctor but the symptoms remain unresolved, insist that you get tested for possible liver cancer, even if you are a woman and/or only drink alcohol on occasion.

1. Feelings of restlessness or tiresome days

2. Sudden weight loss with no change in diet or no effort to lose weight

3. Feeling bloated after eating, even if it is only a small meal

4. Sharp pains inside the abdomen or a hard lump on the right side

5. Persistent itching of the skin with no signs of skin problems

6.  Lack of appetite or nausea when eating

7. Stools that contain large white “patches” or white “strings”

8. Weak-feeling muscles that do not feel better after resting

9. Swelling in the lower abdomen

10. A yellowish discoloration of the skin or whites of the eyes (jaundice)

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