Top 10 Warnings Signs of Lung Cancer You Can’t Ignore

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The 10 Warning Signs of Lung Cancer


1. Bloody Phlegm

Anytime you cough up bloody phlegm, it should be a warning sign that something is wrong. Although this doesn’t necessary mean that you absolutely have lung cancer, it is a sign that something is wrong and you need to have this symptom checked out as soon as possible by a physician. If this symptom is also accompanied by other symptoms listed below, you should make an appointment and tell the doctor that it’s urgent.


2.  Persistent Cough

This is perhaps one of the most common signs. It doesn’t have to be a deep cough, but a stubborn cough that won’t go away within two or three weeks is a sign to see your doctor. If you smoke, you most likely have what is called “smokers hack,” but if your normal cough should change, for instance if you are coughing more often or more deeply, then check with a physician.


3. Hand and Finger Pain

This is a symptom that is often overlooked but can signal lung cancer. In many cases, the skin on the palms of the hands will thicken and become white (sometimes referred to as tripe palms) with some pronounced folds; this is a sign that cancer is most likely present. This strange occurrence to the palms also happens with stomach cancer. This is caused by the cancer making drastic changes in the normal bodily processes. In this case, the skin cells become hyper-stimulated, which causes an overgrowth of skin cells and produces palms that have a build-up of thick, white, scaly skin.

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