Top 10 Ways You Can Remove Toxic Fluoride from Your Body

As if we weren’t surrounded by toxins every day, it’s simply outrageous that we are also being subjected to toxic substances being deliberately added to our water supply. It’s true that calcium fluoride occurs naturally in some water sources, the sodium fluoride that is currently being added to our municipal water supplies is toxic, especially since it’s been proven that, not only is fluoride, which is bad enough, but the fluoride they are adding isn’t even pure. This is another subject, however. Numerous studies have shown that adding fluoride to the water lowers IQ levels and even the federal government is asking for lower levels of fluoride to be added to water supplies.

It’s imperative that Americans learn how to defend ourselves from our poisonous water supply.


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First, don’t drink your tap water if you know fluoride has been added to it. Use an inexpensive pitcher type of filter or buy a whole house filter.

Second, detoxify your body and remove any fluoride that you might have acquired by accident through restaurant food, drinks, or ice cubes from unknown water sources. Check out our list of the top 10 ways you can remove damaging fluoride from your body.


1. Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is perhaps one of nature’s strongest sources of organic electrolytes. This naturally produced soil-based microorganism works by keeping the appropriate chemical balance in the body’s cells. This means fulvic acid will remove toxins like fluoride at a cellular level. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants and free radical remover known to man. After removing fluoride from your body, fulvic acid will replace missing trace minerals and other important nutrients.


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2.  Iodine

While too much or too little iodine in the body is not good for your thyroid, it does increase the amount of sodium fluoride that is excreted through the urine as sodium fluoride. You will need to take some calcium along with the iodine, taking a mixture of iodine and lecithin should remove fluoride from your body.


3.  Coffee Enemas

Your live is what does the majority of the work when it comes to removing toxins from the body, so this is another area of the body you should give a helping hand to when it comes to detoxing. Doing liver cleanses, especially through coffee enemas, are a great way to get rid of fluoride as well as other toxins and heavy metals in the body.


4. Tamarind Tea

This fruit, originally from Africa, is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. Almost all parts are used, the bark, leaves, and pulp. You can take this as a tea or a tincture that will help your body remove fluoride through increased urine production.


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5. Chelation Therapy

Although most people use this to remove heavy metals from the body, these types of therapies also work well to remove fluoride, even though it is technically a salt. Since salts tend to accumulate heavy metals, chelation therapy should remove fluoride as well as heavy metals from the body.


6.  Liver Cleansing

Because your liver is what removes toxins, it only makes sense to do a few liver cleansings to help clear it of fluoride. You can do a standard three day or 7 day cleanse at home fairly easily, but doing a liver cleanse is a vital part of removing fluoride from the body. Read more how to naturally cleanse your liver.


7. Vitamin C

Don’t use ascorbic acid as your source of vitamin C. Take it in just about any other source you can tolerate such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and tomatoes. Add these to your calcium supplement with plenty of pure water. This is perhaps the easiest way to detox from fluoride.


8. Boron

Yes, that same stuff you put in your laundry! Next time you are grocery shopping, pick up an extra box for your detox. (Boron, also known as Borax, NOT boric acid) Mix about a ¼ teaspoon into one liter of water and sip it during the day. This box will last forever, so when your detox is done, use the rest of the box to clean your home!


9.  Saunas

Taking intense, but safe, sweating sessions from dry heat sources, such as dry saunas, is another great way to bring out the sodium fluoride out of your tissues, especially fatty tissues, which tend to store fluoride. Just be sure you stay hydrated to protect your kidneys.


10.  Magnesium Supplements

If you already take magnesium supplements, you probably have much lower levels of fluoride in your body than most people. Magnesium blocks the absorption of fluoride by your body’s cells. Unfortunately, chronic exposure to fluoride is depleting your magnesium storehouses, so be sure you take plenty of magnesium every day to keep fluoride at bay. If you don’t take magnesium supplements, today is a great day to start! Magnesium will keep fluoride away from your bones, brain, and teeth, while it allows your body to remove these toxins.

Anytime you do a detox, always pay attention to your body and go at a comfortable pace. As the fluoride leaves your body, you will experience overall improvements to your health and you will never look at a drinking fountain the same way again.



  1. Randall Griffin

    Aug 4, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Borax?!?!?!? ?????

    • Kim Cochran

      May 1, 2018 at 6:45 pm

      yes!!!!!!! borax is a natural element that your body needs. EWG caters to big pharma..they have as much ”weight” in their op as FDA. Borax was a natural treatment prescribed for decades in Australia for arthritis. It treats topically scabies easily. It treats fleas in your home. There is prob more but I’m in a hurry. Not to mention you can clean your toilet with it and it does amazing things for your laundry and ta da -takes fluoride out of your water according to this article.