Top 10 Wellness Trends of 2015

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Fitness trends might come and go but some are definitely on the way to becoming super-hot. As the general public is growing more and more concerned with nutrition, knowing what is in the food they eat, and getting the most out of exercise, people are trying to find a way to get the best out of life and stay healthy at the same time.

Keep reading and find out the top wellness trends that are going to go viral in 2015. Perhaps one of these will inspire you to keep up the good fight towards living a healthy life.


1. Mindful Eating

This age-old practice is now a hot modern trend. If you haven’t heard about it, mindful eating means choosing foods deliberately, being very aware of every taste and the texture, and chewing your food until it’s a mushy paste. People find that mindful eating allows them to enjoy their food more, and the slower eating pace will help you maintain a healthy weight or even lose weight. Mindful eating allows your digestive juices to properly break down food and this improved digestion will result in optimum nutrient absorption and increased energy.


2. Treadmill Studios

Treadmills are no longer the solo event they used to be! Studios such as Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory show that when you make workouts entertaining, in the same way spinning classes are, with great music and entertaining instructors, people are more likely to keep coming back. Studios are putting treadmills to great use. Treadmills are being redesigned with new technology that will make yesterday’s boring treadmill todays exciting new workout. New running shoes, anyone?


3. Juice for Everyone and Every Reason

Juicing is no longer the one-drink-fits-all health solution that it used to be. Very soon there will be a juice tailor made to fit you or for a particular reason.

Green juice used to be a good way to get your …greens, obviously. However, there are now juice bars serving juices for your immune system, kosher drinks, workout recovery juice, juices to restore your hormonal balance, and more! Keep your eye out for stress reducing drinks, sleep better juice, and even wrinkle reducing drinks!

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