Top 10 Wellness Trends of 2015

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Fitness trends might come and go but some are definitely on the way to becoming super-hot. As the general public is growing more and more concerned with nutrition, knowing what is in the food they eat, and getting the most out of exercise, people are trying to find a way to get the best out of life and stay healthy at the same time.

Keep reading and find out the top wellness trends that are going to go viral in 2015. Perhaps one of these will inspire you to keep up the good fight towards living a healthy life.


1. Mindful Eating

This age-old practice is now a hot modern trend. If you haven’t heard about it, mindful eating means choosing foods deliberately, being very aware of every taste and the texture, and chewing your food until it’s a mushy paste. People find that mindful eating allows them to enjoy their food more, and the slower eating pace will help you maintain a healthy weight or even lose weight. Mindful eating allows your digestive juices to properly break down food and this improved digestion will result in optimum nutrient absorption and increased energy.


2. Treadmill Studios

Treadmills are no longer the solo event they used to be! Studios such as Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory show that when you make workouts entertaining, in the same way spinning classes are, with great music and entertaining instructors, people are more likely to keep coming back. Studios are putting treadmills to great use. Treadmills are being redesigned with new technology that will make yesterday’s boring treadmill todays exciting new workout. New running shoes, anyone?


3. Juice for Everyone and Every Reason

Juicing is no longer the one-drink-fits-all health solution that it used to be. Very soon there will be a juice tailor made to fit you or for a particular reason.

Green juice used to be a good way to get your …greens, obviously. However, there are now juice bars serving juices for your immune system, kosher drinks, workout recovery juice, juices to restore your hormonal balance, and more! Keep your eye out for stress reducing drinks, sleep better juice, and even wrinkle reducing drinks!

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4. Meditation to go Mainstream

Mediation is no longer something people think of as only a hippie thing. Mediation is going mainstream in a big, big way. Some gyms are opening up mediation rooms so that people can find calmness and a sense of clarity; taking care of their mind as well as their body.

With more and more celebrities and cool spiritual people like Guru Jagat opening up about their love of mediation, it’s not only poised to go mainstream, it’s going to become the cool thing to do.


5. No More 60 Minute Workouts

With more and more studies showing that shorter, more intense workouts, sometimes called interval training, are more effective than the traditional 60 minute workout routine, shorter workouts are about to become the next big workout routine.

Interval training, with 15, 20, or 30 minute workout times are destined to be more popular as time is always a big excuse for not exercising. As long as people are seeing and feeling the results of workouts without having to devote so much time to it, this is trend that will stay with us for many years to come.


6. Activated Charcoal

More than just a BBQ staple, charcoal is the next big trend in juicing, skin care, and even inside your medicine chest. Activated charcoal masks and cleansers are super popular and even juice brands like Juice Generation are using it in their drinks. Charcoal is known to attach itself to toxins in the body like crazy and then help remove those toxins naturally.


7.  The New Social Cardio Workout

Instead of getting together with the girls over drinks after work, many working men and women are now meeting at former nightclubs to do yoga, or attend alcohol free early morning dance parties. Los Angeles has concert venues with a live DJ where you can work out, and there are black-light yoga sessions in Boston.

Why this change? When we are having fun, we are much more likely to stay motivated and want to stick with an exercise routine. It looks like your social life is about to get a whole lot hotter.

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8. No More Dieting

Garfield the cat once said “Diet is DIE, with a t” and apparently many Americans agree. Instead of depriving ourselves of food, more people are turning to more balanced, healthy approaches to eating that naturally control weight without cutting out entire food groups or going hungry. Diets simply don’t work and more people are realizing that smart lifestyle choices lead to a happy, healthy life. Here’s to no more diets and plenty of healthy eating in 2015.


9. Bone Broth Hits the Boiling Point

This ancient method of improving your cartilage and immune system is having a renaissance in the modern world. Celebrities are recommending it for improved skin healthy, acupuncturists are touting its benefits for gut health and you will find recipes and praise everywhere for this natural soup in the Paleo world. In fact, bone broth is so hot, some drive through coffee shops are serving bone broth in coffee cups in New York City.


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10.  Time to Raise the Barre

Almost everyone has heard of CrossFit, spinning, and Yoga, but if you have yet to hear about barre, it’s a guarantee that you will before this year is out. This fitness trend takes its name from ballet warm-ups that are done holding onto; you guessed it, a barre. One of the biggest brands, Pure Barre, has locations in 40 states, and other brands such as Xtend Barre and Barre3 are gaining ground.

From the big city to the small suburbs, women everywhere are loving this routine. This is going to be a hot trend for the next several years, so stock up on those grippy socks because you are going to need them.