101 Reasons You Should Practice Meditation


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If you think meditation is for gurus, old hippies, and New Agers, think again!  Meditation has been shown to increase your happiness, success, and health, and not only that: it’s absolutely free. Meditation doesn’t take very long; just 15 or 20 minutes per day will do the trick. It can be done almost anywhere, requires no special equipment, and has no side effects whatsoever!

You have probably heard all the jokes and myths that surround meditation: you wear long red robes and sit in the lotus position, your mind is “empty” for an hour, you will chant words you don’t understand, and you might even have to take up a new religion. Well, none of those things are true, so you can pitch those silly ideas out the window.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, you should be asking yourself, “Why not?”  Check out the top 101 reasons you should be meditating, today!

1. You will discover the power and consciousness beyond the ego

2. Improves your self-control

3. Greatly improves your social life

4. Lowers oxygen consumption

5. Gives you a deeper level of relaxation

6. Lowers blood pressure

7. Lowers respiration rate

8. Intense physiological benefits

9. Increases the synchronicity in your life

10. Helps you discover the power beyond the ego

11. Feel a sense of oneness

12. Changes your attitude towards life

13. Increase your acceptance of yourself

14. Find a deeper relationship with your higher power

15. Helps you attain enlightenment

16. Helps you learn to forgive

17. Reduces PMS symptoms

18. Helps with chronic diseases such as arthritis and allergies

19. Reduces the level of free radicals in the body

20. Improves post-operative healing

21. Improves energy, vigor, and strength

22. Helps with weight loss efforts

23. Improves the immune system

24. Helps you learn to live in the present

25. Feel an inner sense of assurance

26. Helps you to discover your purpose in life

27. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others

28. Experience a deeper level of spiritual relaxation

29. Feel a harmony of mind, body, and spirit

30. Keeps you real

31. Your mind will be faster and stronger

32. Reduces emotional distress

33. Improves your skin resistance to disease

34. Reduces the activity of viruses

35. Improved relationships at home and work

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