101 Reasons You Should Practice Meditation

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36. Helps you see the “big picture” in any given situation

37. Increases emotional stability

38. Helps you develop your intuition

39. Increases your level of productivity

40. Your mind ages at a much slower rate

41. Increase your productivity

42. Increases your feelings of vitality and rejuvenation

43. Makes it easier to change bad habits

44. Increases your feelings of compassion

45. Experience spiritual growth

46. Gives you peace of mind

47. Teaches you to keep things in perspective

48. Provides you with a feeling of happiness, lightness

49. Increased self-actualization

50. Fewer feelings of aggression

51. Higher growth of intelligence

52. Decreases your chances of developing mental illness

53. Encourages more social behavior

54. Increases your capacity of intimate contact with loved ones

55. Teaches you to react more effectively to stressful events

56. Increases your sense of perception

57. Improved motor performance

58. Helps you resolve phobias and childhood fears

59. Increases your creativity

60. Improved focus and concentration

61. Improves your mood and behavior (Find out foods that ruin your good mood)

62. Learn to control your thoughts

63. Improves serotonin levels, making you feel good

64. Lowers cholesterol levels, which lowers cardiovascular disease

65. Reduces your need for medical care

66. Improves your respiration, which leads to easier breathing

67. Slows the aging process

68. Reduces sweating

69. Helps stop chronic headaches and migraines

70. Improves levels of DHEA

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