Top 6 All Natural Stress Reducing Drinks

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Photo credit: bigstock

In today’s world we are all super busy, which usually means that we are also super stressed out! We can try to eat right and exercise, but sometimes what we really need is a nice, warm drink that helps remove stress and calms us down. We have just what the doctor ordered! Take a look at the top 6 stress reducing drinks that are completely natural, and completely delicious!


1. Honey Infused Tea

Now this is a make ahead option, but if you make it now, it will be ready when you need it. Take some herbs of your choice and put them in a jar with a tight fitting lid, like a mason jar. Use raw honey to cover the herbs, and then seal the jar. Store it in a dark cool place for at least two weeks. When you are ready, simply mix 1 tablespoon of that honey/herb mixture into a cup of boiling water and you have instant, honey infused tea. Some herbs you might want to consider are lemon balm, passionflower, valerian, catnip, or chamomile.


2.  Herbal Tea

Most herbal teas are caffeine free and taste divine. Some of the more relaxing teas are lemon balm, chamomile, and valerian, but almost any herbal tea will do the trick. Tea is easy to make as well. You can buy fresh herbs, grow your own, or buy herbal tea bags premade at any health food store.


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3. Green Tea

This is a super stress relieving favorite that has tons of health benefits as well. Green tea contains a compound called theanine, which is a natural calming substance. Be sure you choose decaffeinated tea so that it doesn’t give you the jitters, and so the theanine predominates. You can drink this tea all day long or anytime you feel stress coming on.

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